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Display Field: STNAME

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolyline

Description: This data set of line features represent Riverside County's recorded street centerlines.This data set was designed to carry out functions of the Transportation department and is not a true street network layer. Centerlines do not have complete "connectivity" due to the fact that this layer is primarily roads that have been recorded but does not necessarily contain all roads. OBJECTID - Internal feature number. STNAME - Recorded name of the centerline. TYPE - Used to classify roads, primarily by surface type. Description of the codes found in the attribute "TYPE" TYPE DESCRIPTION C01 Federal Aid Interstate C02 State Highways C03 F.A.U. Maintained C04 F.A.S. Maintained C05 Paved Surface Maintained C06 Paved Surface (Traveled) C07 Graveled Surface Maintained C08 Graveled Surface (Traveled) C09 Dirt Surface Maintained C10 Dirt Surface (Traveled) C11 Accepted For Public Use C12 Non-County/Accepted for P.U. C13 Non-County road C14 Vacated C15 Abandon C16 Maintained F.A.U./Non-County C17 Maintained F.A.S./Non-County C18 Maintained Paved/Accepted C19 Maintained Paved/Non-County C20 Maintained Paved/Vacated C21 Maintained Gravel/Accepted C22 Maintained Gravel/Non-County C23 Maintained Gravel/Vacated C24 Maintained Dirt/Accepted C25 Maintained Dirt/Non-County C26 Maintained Dirt/Vacated C27 Accepted/Vacated C28 Maintained Under Contract C29 City Road C30 Paved Maintained/Dirt Maintained C31 Dedicated and Accepted/CFD Maintained W01 Maintained for City W02 Maintained for City/Non-County W03 Maintained for City/Non-County (Reversed) W04 Maintained for City/Accepted W05 F.A.U. Maintained/Maintained for City W06 Dirt Surface Maintained/Maintained for City W07 Paved Surface Maintained/Maintained for City W08 Graveled Surface Maintained/Maintained for City Z01 Traffic Division Modeling Connectivity Use Only (The "W" series within the TYPE field were initially created for the City of Wildomar, but have had their application expanded to include any Centerline where the County maintains the road for a City - typically for a limited period after a City's incorporation. The "W" will continue as a convention to make it easy to distinguish such roads from roads normally maintained by the County, even though it is understood that the "W" will lose its initial association with the City of Wildomar over time.). GENPLANTYPE - General Plan Classification of the Road. Not corrected for the RCLIS 2003 updated at thsi time. Description of the codes found in the attribute "GENPLANTYPE" GENPLANTYPE SYMBOL DESCRIPTION 01 101 FREEWAY 02 201 EXPRESSWAY 03 301 URBAN ARTERIAL 04 304 URBAN ARTERIAL (PROPOSED) 05 401 ARTERIAL 06 404 ARTERIAL (PROPOSED) 07 501 MOUNTAIN ARTERIAL 08 504 MOUNTAIN ARTERIAL (PROPOSED) 09 13 MAJOR 10 16 MAJOR (PROPOSED) 11 21 SECONDARY 12 24 SECONDARY (PROPOSED) 13 801 SPECIFIC PLAN ROAD 14 804 SPECIFIC PLAN ROAD (PROPOSED) 15 25 SCENIC ROUTE 16 28 SCENIC ROUTE (PROPOSED) 17 0 COLLECTOR(PROPOSED) indicates that the road is part of the "General PLan Alignment" but does not currently exist as a legal centerline. This type of centerline will be stored in the CENTERLINEREF data set. DIRECTION - Represents the direction of traffic flow. Presently not supported. NAMEID - Numerical representation of the recorded street name. Unique STNAME and NAMEID values are tracked in the STNMS table. RDNUMBER - Used by the Transportation Department to identify county maintained roads. Used for accounting purposes. SEGNUMBER - Used in combination with the RDNUMBER to uniquely identify an individual centerline, segment, or length. No longer supported. FLAG - Indicates whether or not an arc will be used in a street network data set. Presently not used because there is no street network data set. L_F_ADD - The starting address for the left side of the street. L_T_ADD - The ending address for the left side of the street. R_F_ADD - The starting address for the right side of the street. R_T_ADD - The ending address for the right side of the street. PRE_DIR - The street direction prefix. Example: 'E' for east. STREET_NAME - The base legal street name of the centerline. Example: "MAIN". STREET_TYPE - The Street Name Type abbreviation. Example: 'ST' for street. Valid values for the STREET_TYPE field are: ' ' - ' ' (No Type is a space) AVE - AVENUE BLVD - BOULEVARD CIR - CIRCLE CT - COURT CV - COVE DR - DRIVE EXPY - EXPRESSWAY FWY - FREEWAY HWY - HIGHWAY LN - LANE LOOP - LOOP PATH - PATH PKWY - PARKWAY PL - PLACE PT - POINT RD - ROAD SQ - SQUARE ST- STREET TER - TERRACE TRL - TRAIL WALK - WALK WAY - WAY SUF_DIR - The street direction suffix. Example: "N' for north. TRACT - The tract map number in which the centerline can be found. MODIFIED - Modified Date CREATED - Created Date SOURCE_NOTES - References to legal documentation related to the Centerline found during research, including such things as recordation histroy, name change history, and acceptance for or termination of maintenance information, FULL_NAME - Name used to construct ROUTE_NAME field values. Used to detect changes in the STNAME value. AREA_PLAN_ABBREVIATION - Abbreviated Area Plan Name used to create ROUTE_NAME Valid values for AREA_PLAN_ABBREVIATION are: DESCN - Desert Center ECDES - East County/Desert ECVAP - Eastern Coachella Valley Plan ELSIN - Lake Elsinore EVALE - Eastvale HIGHG - Highgrove HVWIN - Harvest Valley/Winchester JURUP - Jurupa LAKEV - Lakeview/Nuevo LMATH - Lake Mathews MARCH - March MEADV - Mead Valley PASS - Pass Area PVERD - Palo Verde Valley RECHE - Reche Canyon REMAP - REMAP (Riverside Extended Mountain Area Plan) RIVER - Riverside/Corona/Norco SANJA - San Jacinto Valley SBCO - San Bernardino County SUNCI - Sun City/Menifee Valley SWAP - Southwest Area Plan TEMES - Temescal Valley WCVAP - Western Coachella Valley Area Plan SUBROUTE - Optional Identifier used to build ROUTE_NAME to separate branches or distiguish discontinuous portions of a street within an area plan that are unlikely to ever form a continuous route. ROUTE_NAME - Primary field used to construct a Linear Referencing derivative of the Centerlines layer. THis values is a component of ROUTE_ALT1 and ROUTE_ALT2 and is overriden by those fields when they have values. ROUTE_DIR1 - Used with ROUTE_NAME to build values for ROUTE_ALT1 when there is a value assigned. ROUTE_ALT1 - First Alternative ROUTE_NAME value. Typically used for one-way streets that are oriented Norh or East. ROUTE_DIR2 - Used with ROUTE_NAME to build values for ROUTE_ALT2 when there is a value assigned. ROUTE_ALT2 - Second Alternative ROUTE_NAME value. Typically used for one-way streets that are oriented Souh or West. BUILD_PRIORITY - Used to create Linear Referenced Routes. Sets the corner from which to build routes. Valuid values for BUILD_PRIORITY are: UL - Upper Left (Default) LL - Lower Left UR - Upper Right LR - Lower Right LINE_LINK - Geometric ID of Centerline arc. Made up of the From X/Y coordinate, the To X/Y coordinate and the Length. Used to detect geometric changes to an existing Centerline. CL_ID - Duplicate of OBJECTID. USed for detecting newly added segments to the network each week or to relate and join exported versions of CENTERLINES back to the original CENTERLINE feature class.FROM_X_COORDINATE, FROM_Y_COORDINATE, TO_X_COORDINATE and TO_Y_COORDINATE: The coordinate data for the end points of the line in numeric format.ROUTE_ORIENTED: Indicates if the line is drawn in the direction that corresponds to the Routes created based on the ROUTE_NAME fields.TRAVEL_DIRECTIONS: Indicates whether the road can be driven and in what directions. Values include "Both Ways", "From-To", "To-From" and "No Ways".CA_ROAD_SYSTEM_PAGE: The map page location of the California Roadway System (CRS) Maps containing the Centerline: See The map index grid location of the California Roadway System (CRS) Maps containing the Centerline: See The California Functional Classification of the Roadway per the CRS maps. Only classifications between 1 and 5 may qualify for state and federal funds. Classifications include:1 - Interstate2 - Other Freeway or Expressway3 - Other Principal Arterial4 - Minor Arterial5 - Major Collector6 - Minor Collector7 - LocalFEDERAL_ROUTE and FEDERAL_ROUTE_TYPE: The number of the Federal Interstate or U.S. Highway and the operational type of the facility, where applicable.STATE_ROUTE and STATE_ROUTE_TYPE: The number of the State Route or Highway and the operational type of the facility, where applicable.COUNTY_ROUTE: The number of a County Route.CITY_LEFT or CITY_RIGHT: The City or Community name to the left or right of the Centerline. Used for address geolocators.STATE: CA for Califonia. For geolocators that use the State field.ZIP_LEFT or ZIP_RIGHT: The ZIP code to the left or right of the Centerline. Used for address geolocators.FULL_NAME_MIXED_CASE: The full street name in mixed Upper and Lower case letters, sometimes also called Title case. May be used for labeling and geolocators.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text: If you need additional information about CENTERLINES, please contact the Transportation Department at 951-955-6880 or on the web at

Default Visibility: true

MaxRecordCount: 1000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF, geoJSON

Min Scale: 45000

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Supports Statistics: true

Has Labels: false

Can Modify Layer: true

Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

Supports Datum Transformation: true

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